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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Dates and events on this calendar are subject to change.

Information about SACK members-only events are sent to members via e-mail and are listed in the Mobile Director newsletter. Not a member yet? Join today!

Summer 2018 Calendar
An official SACK event where a monthly club meeting will be held
A SACK "happening" where some of our members will be hanging out
A fundraising event
7Golden Cruise
Some members will be hanging out at the cruise in Golden, CO.
14Nash National Meet
Held in Colorado Springs.
15Co. Springs Pridefest Parade
We'll head south at 8:15 AM to arrive in time for the line-up which starts at 10:00 AM. More info will be forthcoming via e-mail from the Roadmaster.
21Clive Cussler Museum Tour
We'll join the local Chrysler Club for a morning tour of the author Clive Cussler's amazing car collection. Lunch and club meeting will be held after the tour. RSVP required to attend.
29 Fundraiser at the WranglerCancelled!
Unfortunately, the Wrangler is no longer in business.
4Golden Cruise
Some members will be hanging out at the cruise in Golden, CO.
19Rambler Ranch Tour
The Rambler Ranch houses the world's best AMC collection. It is located near Elizabeth, Colorado. The tour will include a catered lunch by Famous Dave's BBQ. Admission and lunch is to be collected in advance. More details coming via e-mail.
26Motorama Car Show
The Motorama Car Show is held in conjuction with the Denver Modernism Show, which will be held August 24 - 26 at the National Western Complex. We'll need volunteers to help set up and staff the show.
1Golden Cruise
Some members will be hanging out at the cruise in Golden, CO.
7-9Gateway Auto Museum
Weekend roadtrip to the Gateway Auto Museum, near Grand Junction, CO.
22Peterson Air & Space Museum
Daytrip to Colorado Springs. More info coming.
7Fall Cruise and Elections
Our most popular annual event.
21Sunday at the Denver Zoo
Details to be announced.

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Exhibit runs through July 31

4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, Colorado 303-297-1113

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