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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Information about SACK members-only events are sent to members via e-mail and are listed in the Mobile Director newsletter. Not a member yet? Join today!

Summer and Fall Calendar
An official SACK event where a monthly club meeting will be held
A SACK "happening" where some of our members will be hanging out
A fundraising event
1Golden Super Cruise Night
Some of our members will be hanging out at the huge monthly cruise in Golden, CO..
9Colorado Springs Pride Parade
We'll motor to the Springs to participate in their Pride parade this year. Check your e-mail for details from the Roadmaster.
15Drive-In Movie Night #2
Watch your email for details!
5Golden Super Cruise Night
Same arrangement as last month.
13Car show at Strasburg, CO
We'll drive east of Denver to Strasburg for a giant car show and some lunch. Details coming via Roadmaster message.
27Denver Modernism Show
We'll host the Motorama Car Show held in conjunction with the Denver Modernism Show. Volunteers are needed. Please consider bringing your classic car to help fill out the show field. Watch your e-mail for details.
2Golden Super Cruise Night
Same arrangement as last month.
8 - 10 Nebraska roadtrip for Colonel Cody Cruise weekend
We'll head to North Platte, Nebraska, for the 23rd Annual Colonel Cody's Cruise Show & Shine. This will be a fun weekend including the massive Saturday morning show. Details coming via e-mail.
17Fundraiser at the Wrangler
Join us for our annual fundraiser at the Denver Wrangler. Details to be announced.
7Golden Super Cruise Night
Same arrangement as last month.
8 Fall Colors Cruise & Elections
Details coming.
13 - 15LCCI Grand Invitational
Held in Las Vegas, NV.

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