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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Information about SACK members-only events are sent to members via e-mail and are listed in the Mobile Director newsletter. Not a member yet? Join today!

Winter and Spring Calendar
An official SACK event where a monthly club meeting will be held
A SACK "happening" where some of our members will be hanging out
A fundraising event
5Bowling Party
We'll meet at 10 am for brunch at Davie's Chuckwagon Diner at 26th and Kipling in Wheat Ridge. Then we'll head down- stairs to the Paramount Bowl at noon to knock down a few pins. RSVP to the Roadmaster if you plan to bowl to assure we reserve enough lanes.
9Denver Auto Show
We'll meet for breakfast at Sam’s #3 at 15th and Curtis at 9 am. We'll walk over to the Colorado Convention Center later and have our monthly meeting in the lobby at 10:45, and then head upstairs to the car show.
6Golden Cruise Super Night
Some of our members will be hanging out at the huge monthly cruise in Golden, CO.
13Mystery Tour
Details coming soon!
20Dust & Shine / Spring Driving Tour
We're planning a leisurely drive to give the old cars some exercise. Details to be announced.
3Golden Cruise Super Night
Same arrangement at last month.
4Membership Picnic
Details coming soon!
17Drive-in Movie Night
Dinner and drive-in movie north of Denver near Fort Collins. Subject to change, details to follow.
In the Works!
These events are in the planning stages:
  • Colorado Spring Pride Parade — July 9

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Exhibit Opens March 1

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