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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Dates and events on this calendar are subject to change.

Information about SACK members-only events are sent to members via e-mail and are listed in the Mobile Director newsletter. Not a member yet? Join today!

Winter 2019 Calendar
An official SACK event where a monthly club meeting will be held
A SACK "happening" where some of our members will be hanging out
A fundraising event
26 36th Annual Polar Bear Swap Meet
Held at Adams County Fairgrounds near Henderson, CO. 8 AM to 2 PM.
27 Progressive Lunch and Event Planning Meeting
Three courses served at the homes of three volunteers.Event planning meeting will be held at the last stop. Times, addresses and pot luck suggestions will be relayed via Roadmaster e-mail.
9 Tri-State Swap Meet
Held at Stock Show Complex. We'll have breakfast at Red Rooster at 58th and Washington at 9 am . More details coming soon.
17 Antiquing with the Chrysler Club
We'll return to the Colorado Antique Gallery at 5501 South Broadway for more treasure hunting . Event will include lunch. Stay tuned for more information.
10 Annual Bowling Party
Held at Crown Lanes at 2325 S. Federal Blvd. Well meet for brunch at 11:30 . More details to follow
31 Denver Auto Show
We'll have breakfast and then walk to the Colorado Convention Center to see the new SUVs and trucks everyone seems to want! Additional information coming soon.

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4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, Colorado 303-297-1113

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