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Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Dates and events on this calendar are subject to change.

Information about SACK members-only events are sent to members via e-mail and are listed in the Mobile Director newsletter. Not a member yet? Join today!

Fall 2019 Calendar
An official SACK event where a monthly club meeting will be held
A SACK "happening" where some of our members will be hanging out
A fundraising event
7Golden Super Cruise
Some members will be hanging out at the big cruise in Golden, CO.
8 Helen Clinic at the Forney
We'll meet at the Forney at 10 a.m. to address some lingering mechanical issues on the club's adopted car. Museum will provide lunch.
14 Tour of Steven Tebos Car Collection
We'll join other car clubs in Longmont to see the 300-car collection . Lunch will likely follow. Times and other details coming via email.
5Golden Super Cruise
Same arrangements as last month.
6 Fall Cruise and Annual Elections
Chris and Jim are planning the route that will take us into the mountains to see the fall colors. Lunch and annual election will follow. Details coming via Roadmaster email.
23Movie Night at the Forney
We'll tour the Forney's new Jaguar exhibit followed by a potluck dinner. The monthly membership meeting and feature movie Mad Max: Fury Road will be presented afterward. Additional details coming via Roadmaster email.
8Annual Holiday Party
We'll return to Maggiano's DTC for our holiday dinner and awards presentation. Pre-payment will be required. Additional details coming via Roadmaster email.

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4303 Brighton Boulevard Denver, CO www.forneymuseum.org

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